Prank call

A prank call, also known as a crank call, hoax call, phony call, or phony phone call is a form of practical joke committed over the telephone. As with all practical jokes, prank calls are generally done for humorous effect, though there is a thin line between humor and harassment, and the person receiving the call may not find it funny.
Even very prominent people have fallen victim to prank callers, as for example Queen Elizabeth II.
Prank calls are generally done for the amusement of the pranksters themselves. Many pranksters record the calls to share the joke with an audience.
Ever since the opportunity has been available, there has been radio stations dedicated to prank calls. Most of them feature a so-called "rotation" of prank calls which is a constant broadcast of various prank calls submitted by the public.
Sometimes the joke can be taken too far, especially if the prankster succeeds in making his victim believe the scenario is real.Prank calls range from annoying hang-ups to false calls to emergency services or bomb threats. Prank calls that waste the time of emergency services are a criminal offense in most countries.